Neutrino Xero Advisor (NXA)

Want a backup of all your customer’s Xero data that doubles as a reporting platform?
Well what about a tool that also gives you visibility on how your customers spend with you and how you can sell more to them?

As an Advisor to businesses, you’re always looking to provide – and in some cases prove – the value you deliver to your customers.

Neutrino’s Xero Advisor boasts an impressive array of tools to help you and your customers:

Xero backup

  • A complete backup of all of your Xero data, in a database that you have access to


  • In depth monthly trend reporting and customised dashboard building
  • Customised reports that you can schedule and email to your clients OR use Neutrino Xero Advisor in presentation mode so you can guide the conversation with your customers


  • Extract opportunities for your customers by highlighting who is spending money with your customers and across which product/service lines
  • Give your customers action items to focus on each month
  • Provide an easy way to boost cashflow for customers by tracking receivables
  • Help your customers consolidate their spend with a supplier analysis



Be the missing piece of the puzzle for your customers.
Do more than save your customers money - help them make meaningful decisions to make more money.