Dimension Data’s MCP Cloud Reporting

Dimension Data’s MCP Cloud environment provides you with cutting edge technology, but billing of that platform can be difficult.

Billing your end customers can be a daunting task because your own method of verifying costs incurred is via the provided CaaS Estimator.

Do you know you margins per customer or per resource consumed?

Have you had to build your own billing model in Excel?

Are your customers asking you for more detail about what they are consuming and querying your invoices for fluctuations?

Neutrino has built the only reporting platform for Dimension Data’s MCP Cloud platform. Not only do you get detailed bill reporting down to the day for your customers, you can also prepare quotes and manage customer rates. No more Excel sheets – just use Neutrino.

Neutrino answers all of these pain points and adds in some advanced features to save you time when invoicing whilst giving your customers the clarity on their environments that they need.

Core features:

– Metering information is pulled from Dimension Data (monthly)

– Customer reports showing a breakdown of resource usage on a daily basis over a report period

  • Server breakdown
  • Resource breakdown
  • Network breakdown
  • Rate cards for different tiers of customer rates
  • Summary Internal report to show breakdown of margin per customer, per month
  • Ability to verify Dimension Data invoices vs metering data

Pro features (all the features of Core plus)

– Daily metering

– Add non-MCP items to your reporting, such as 3rd party licensing and your managed service offering

– Detailed internal report showing a complete breakdown of pricing per region consumed

– Quote calculator

  • Quickly produce quotes for customers based on their rate card and see your margin immediately

– Scheduled Customer reports, emailed to your Accounts department on a schedule you set, complete with billing information and monthly consumption reports

Send your customers meaningful reports showing their daily and monthly usage for: CPU/RAM, Storage & Backup, Network & Bandwidth
Show your customers a breakdown of each virtual server in use throughout any given period. Also see the consumption breakdown of stored images.
Add non-MCP items, such as licensing and Managed Services, to your invoice.
Understand the profit margins you make on a customer-by-customer basis by inputting your buy rates and your multiple rate cards.

Quote easier with the built-in calculator.