About Neutrino

Who are we?

Neutrino was formed from within the leading IT Services company: Rock IT which was established in 2003.

With a slight obsession with efficiency gains, the Directors of Rock IT set about automating as many mundane tasks as possible. The first to be digitally transformed were the myriad Excel models and dashboards that had been developed internally over the years. This resulted in reducing the about of man-hours required to manually gather data, input it into Excel and then fix formulas and pivot tables that mysteriously kept being changed…

And so, Neutrino was born. Very quickly Rock IT’s customers and suppliers starting using parts of the core system, such as the reporting system for Dimension Data’s Cloud and Neutrino Xero Advisor (NXA).

What’s in a name?

Well, quite a bit as far as we’re concerned! Neutrinos are funny little sub-atomic particles that tend not to interact with much at all. In fact, they typically pass through normal matter unimpeded and undetected. And to make things even stranger, if you measure a Neutrino’s type (or “lepton flavor”) it may actually change its flavor depending on when you next measure it.

So in summary, it can be anything at any time… and the same is true of this Neutrino.

We designed Neutrino to be a core platform for business automation. This means that we can morph and change the contents of Neutrino very quickly, which is the key to its success.

To date, we have solutions for Datacentre providers, Accountants, IT Integrators, Engineers and Insurance Brokers… and there’s more coming!

Look familiar? This is a look at a Neutrino interaction from the IceCube particle detector at the South Pole… and the inspiration for our logo.


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